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achieve. earn. share.

Earn badges, certs, track your skills and share it all with a simple bump!

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achieve more
Extend your profile with RedCritter Apps. You can earn badges and certs for your professional accomplishments. You can even track your skills.
earn rewards
Some RedCritter Apps support rewards. You can earn virtual currency that you can spend in your company rewards store.
share everywhere
Explore exciting new ways to share your achievements. Get your personal QR code, swap profiles with a bump. You can even store your profile on any NFC enabled device with a tap of your phone!
QR code
Give out your personal QR Code. When it is scanned it will send everyone to your profile.
Device bump
Bump devices to swap profiles with others. It's cooler than a business card.*
NFC objects
Store your profile on NFC business cards, stickers, bracelets and even ink pens!*
start your own app
Want to distribute your own badges, certs and rewards? RedCritter Connecter, our management portal, will let you create and launch your own RedCritter app in minutes. Developers can use our open APIs to integrate RedCritter features into corporate business systems.

Learn more at RedCritter Connecter.

* requires Windows Phone 8 with NFC capabilties
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