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Publish your accomplishments

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Before you begin...

Step 1: Log in

Step 1: Log in

Visit to login to your RedCritter Profile.

Step 2: Configure Analytics

Step 2: Publish + share

Click the gear on the top right of your Profile to show a list of settings, then click Publish + share.

Step 3: Connect your Profile

Step 3: Connect your Profile

Click the connect link under the app that you want to publish to.

Step 4:  Allow Access

Step 4: Allow Access

Fill in your account details and follow the instructions for allowing access to RedCritter.

Step 5: Customize Content

Step 5: Customize Content

Choose the items you'd like to publish from your RedCritter Profile.

Step 6: Save Changes

Step 6: Save your Changes

Click the save button on the bottom right to save your changes. Your profile is now connected!

For each additional connection, repeat steps 3 to 6.

We're done!

Now your RedCritter accomplishments will be published automatically to your network(s) of choice.

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